Why Secular Hedonism Needs Social Justice

Why Secular Hedonism Needs Social Justice

Why is the denial of self-pleasure so often one of the driving forces in social justice movements? Maybe because in stratified cultures, it’s reserved only for the rich and the powerful. A culture that values pleasure, and denies it to most is not going to stick around.

Bisexual or Pansexual, by Greta Christina

Bisexual or Pansexual?

Does calling yourself bisexual reinforce a gender binary that excludes trans and nonbinary people?

Angelina and Kids

What Atheist Community is For: Help Angelina Collier’s Children

Many of you may have already heard about the death of Angelina Collier, and the campaign to raise funds for her children. Some of you may have even given money. If so, thank you very much. Angelina was murdered last month by her husband Robert, who then killed himself. The two of them had three children: […]

Wicked Grounds

Happy Birthday to Us: The Godless Perverts Social Club Turns One

I’m a little bit stunned to be writing this, but as of next Tuesday, we will have been holding the Godless Perverts Social Club for one whole year. What is the Godless Perverts Social Club? It’s the other regular event that we’ve been doing to build community among atheists who are sex-positive, queer, kinky, or […]