Greta Christina Updating Atheists of Color List

Do you know some atheists of color, or organizations for atheists of color who you think aren’t getting their due? Greta Christina, one of the co-founders of this site, posted a list of atheists of color on her blog a few years ago, and is now asking people to submit names of groups and individuals so that she can update it.

When people are confronted with how overwhelmingly white the makeup of most atheist groups or activities is, one of the major excuses is that there just aren’t any out there to invite. Greta’s list takes away that excuse. The names and contact info are right there for any group that’s genuinely interested in including people of color in their vision of atheism.

We think that this is an important issue. The whole driving point behind Godless Perverts is that atheist communities have big gaping holes in what they talk about and who’s visible as the public face of atheism. And when people have insisted on being visible and having their voices listened to, there’s been some really active, disgusting hostility from certain quarters. The ongoing controversy about sexual harassment at events like TAM is just one aspect of that.

So if you have some suggestions for resources that should go on Greta’s list, please go over to her post and put the info in her comments. Atheism is long past being for the white guys.