Upcoming Events: San Francisco (4/13 & 4/16) and Reasonfest (4/21)

Calendar with PencilAlthough it might not always look like it from what’s happening online, we’ve been very busy the last couple of months, and we have some great events coming up in April. We’ll be posting a lot more information as we get closer, but here’s the basics so that you can mark your calendars and clear any other social obligations.

San Francisco:

Center for Sex and CultureSaturday, April 13, 7pm:  Take a break from filing your taxes to join us again at the Center for Sex and Culture for another Godless Perverts Story Hour. The last one was a great success, and we’ve got some new names performing, as well as some favorites from our first event.   As of this writing, our list of confirmed readers includes Greta Christina, David Fitzgerald, Chris Hall, Heina, Liberty N. Justice, Victor Harris, and Kate Sirls.

Wicked GroundsTuesday, April 16, 7pm: Okay, so the tax thing is over and you can start to relax a bit. Join us for coffee and conversation at the Godless Perverts Munch. For those not familiar with the term, a “munch” is a term developed by BDSM communities for an informal get-together of people at a restaurant or café. We’ll be gathering at Wicked Grounds, San Francisco’s famous kink-themed coffee house. Godless Perverts isn’t just about holding readings; a big part of it is building community so that people can talk openly about sexuality and atheism. This is the first time that we’ve held a munch, and if it goes off well, we hope to have lots more.


Reasonfest; Lawrence, KA:

ReasonFest 2013: Modern Morality Making Ethical Decisions in a Secular SocietySunday, April 21, 6pm: For the first time, we’re going to be venturing out of the Bay Area. The folks at Reasonfest have agreed to let us do a Godless Perverts Story Hour at the conference, so if you’re attending, please join us.  In addition to co-founders and co-hosts Greta Christina and David Fitzgerald, Amanda Brown, Bridget Gaudette, and Keith Lowell Jensen are going to share their insights on religion, godlessness, and fucking. There’s no admission price—Reasonfest is a completely free event—so if you’re in the area, or have any way of getting there, be sure to check it out.